Wholesale VoIP Termination

Domestic and International wholesale VoIP termination services.


High Quality, Competitive Rates for Short & Long Duration Traffic

We specialize in providing high quality VoIP service to call centers, dialers, BPO’s, PBX systems, and conversational SIP switches. Our system is capable of massive volume, handles high density bursts with fast LCR, highly secure with Tier 1 and Tier 2 underlying carriers for low-cost high-quality traffic.

Highly scalable CPS (calls per second)

High Call Completion Rate

Quick response to support tickets

Custom rate decks for most customers

Simple and intuitive customer portal


Our Advantages

As a hosted aggregator of Tier 1 and Tier 2 VoIP carrier services, we’re in a position to provide you the best LCR platform to optimize quality of service, rapid support response and low prices.  We provide customized rate decks to meet the needs of each client.  Furthermore, both our short and long duration USA rates are some of the lowest anywhere and pass through some of the largest direct Tier 1 providers in America.

As you can see from our testimonials below, service is valued just as highly as quality and price.  We’re accustomed to responding to most ticket requests on a same-day basis and often in less than an hour (during business hours) and we work around the clock, on weekends and holidays when necessary.


What People Are Saying

From the first contact of a simple chat message, Rich has been extremely responsive. He is very consistent with communication in letting clients know what is going on with billing, system outages and new features. The price is great, the service is exemplary, and you feel as if you have someone in your corner all the time. I would highly recommend Voifone to anyone operating a similar outfit like us.

James Erickson

IT Manager, Vitality Medical

You have been a fantastic person to work with and I think good business relations are built with trust and excellence in service. One of the most remarkable qualities exhibited by your company is your outstanding customer support. It encourages me to recommend you to my business connections.

Shiv Tivari

CTO, Dreamstel

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