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As this image suggests, Unified Communications combines most common forms of communication in a single app. That’s what RTECH PBX/UCS is all about.  And we do it at affordable prices!

But, unlike our competitors who limit the features unless you pay more, by default every plan includes most features*.  By doing so, even the smallest of companies have all the communication and collaboration tools of large companies on a budget they can afford.

*Additional fees for E911, SMS, FAX, Call Recording & International calls. 

Our Unified Communications App 

Boomea integrates many different communication tools with our PBX so you can access everything – including the PBX – within this ONE application and its mobile companions, Nimbus and Boomea Mobile. Below, see below the many additional features are provided with our PBX enabling capabilities needed in today’s competitive business environment.



There’s no need to use an outside application like Zoome, Skype, Teams or other outside applications with our meeting feature.  Here are some features:

  • Start, Join and Schedule Meetings
  • Video Conference (up to 30)
  • Share Screens
  • Transfer Files
  • VoIP or phone conference bridge
  • Adjust video quality
  • Accomodate low-bandwidth people
  • Invide anyone with a link
  • No app instalation required for attendees
  • End-to-End Encryption

Strongest Encryption

Privacy is a major concern for individuals, organizations, governments and businesss worldwide.  That’s why, by default, ALL your meetings, chat, screen sharing, and file transfers are end-do-end encrypted with the the same AES-256 standard approved for the United States. It complies with the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) that govern the handling of sensitive data.

Simply put, our encryption strength is considered unhackable. The code has never been cracked.


 If you can access the Internet, you’ll have your business phone system with you.  Our webphone is built into Boomea as one of its core features. Just click or tap the phone icon on the right side bar of the Boomea app and the dialer will appear. This phone automatically connects to your account when you log into Boomea.  You can make and receive calls on your desktop app or from within your browser.  You can use most of the features of your business phone system from this system. 

For this reason, we encourage all our customers to use the webphone instead of desk phones. But don’t worry, if you really prefer a dsk phone, we can accomodate you with the lastest VoIP Business Phones. 

Here are the basic features you’ll find built into the webphone:

  • Multiple concurrent calls
  • Hold / Unhold
  • Input and output settings
  • Display contact communication history
  • Mute / Unmute
  • Call Park
  • Recent Call history
  • Headset support
  • Tasks & notes while calling
  • Link Tasks & Notes to contact  

Mobile Dialer/PBX

Take all the great features of your business phone system on the road with you.  Our Nimbus app for iOS and Android syncs with your PBX/UCS account and provides all the great features of your office phone on the road!

You can even send and receive text messages from your office phone using the mobile app!

International Calling

You can direct dial almost phone in any country on earth whether from your desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone by opting into international calling.

We cover more than 200 countries at competitive rates.  No matter where you do business, you can reach your party(ies) right on their cell phones or at their office with traditional phone calls.  And, if you want a more robust experience, there’s always FREE encrypted, private video calls too!



Chat using end-to-end encryption within your company, organization, family, church or even if you’re a freelancer or gig worker with clients, vendors and others. Instead of depending on typical social media or chat apps, enjoy more privacy and better performance using this robust chat application built right into your phone system.

Chat with anyone in your Boomea contact list, or anyone else using the free Boomea app by integrating with Outlook or Google contacts.

Send and receive any file type including photos, videos, audio, spreadsheet or anything else. You can also create public and private channels with your co-workers or anyone in contact list.

Call Routing

A user may manage their own call rou ting by defining which devices to ring, in which order and for what duration of time.  Other options include:

  • No Answer Route. This is where to send the call if the user doesn’t answer.
  • Busy Route. If you’re on a call, you can define what happens to the call if you reject it.
  • Outside Time Frame. If you have specific work hours, holidays, weekends, nights, etc. when you don’t wish to accept any calls, define what happens to these callers.



When voicemails arrive, you’ll see them in realtime.  The recording will appear without the need to refresh anything.  You can listen, download and/or delete the voicemail.  When the voicemail is deleted, it’s also removed from  your webphone and mobile app.

Call History

The call records from our switch, which  you can also find in your online portal, are pushed to the Boomea Application in real time so you can stay up to date with your calls. This applies to be missed and answered calls, plus outbound calls you place to others. No refresh of your Boomea application is required.

Call Recording

You can choose to record all calls or just record “on the fly” as you wish.  Your recordings show up in the application ordered by date and time and display the name of the user that was recorded.  You can review, lay, download and/or delete all recordings.

Call Center Console

When you have multiple agents to monitor, use the Call Center Console which is built right into the Boomea application.  This allows you to monitor the status of your agent’s queues in real time. 

The interactive display allows you to click on an agent and see their specific queue statisics.  Your agents can login, logout and set themselves away from the app. 

Admins (like you!) can login, logout, and set agents away and ready also.  Both agents and admins can also see callers who are waiting in the queue. 

Because the Call Center Console is an integral part of our Boomea application, there’s no special setup or configuration required to use it.  Like all other elements, it’s included without extra cost.

Contacts Integration

Boomea Contacts the first milestone in our goal to provide the most robust UC product on the market. Contacts was the center point of all our communications, and this new feature integrates your contacts with Boomea. Current integrations are with the following providers:

  • G-Suite (Google)
  • Office 365

Our integration includes avatar images and contact sync between Boomea and your integration point (i.e. G-Suite or Office 365). You may also choose not to integrate at all.  Simply upload a CSV file with your contacts and manage that list within the Boomea interface. Integrating your contacts with Boomea provides a variety of new features and enhancements to Contact Management such as:

  • Click-2-Call your contacts
  • Click-2-Email your contacts
  • Outside Chat Messages
  • Communication History w/Contacts


Contact Management

You can sync your contacts between Boomea and either Office 365 or Google’s G-Suite.  These are the only two contact management integrations available at this time. More are coming!  The integration includes avatar syncing.  When you update your contacts in Boomea, those updates are pushed to either Office 365 or G-Suite.  Conversely, when you update in Office 365 or G-Suite, those charges are pushed to Boomea. 

Click-2-Call and Email

Anyone in your contact list with a telephone number can be called by clicking the phone icon to initiate a call to that number.  If the contact has more than one telephone number, the contact information is expanded downward to show you all their phone numbers and allow you to click on a specific number to call.

If you wish to email a contact, use the Click-2-Email feature my clicking the email address.  For contacts with multiple email addresses, the contact information is expanded downward to show you all their email addresses and allow you to click on a specific email.  Boomea then opens your defaul email client, enters their email address, at which time you complete the email as you normally would.


With contacts integration, you’ll be able to chat directly with your contacts, provided they also have installed Boomea.  When someone outside your own account initiates a chat with you, a chat request is shown allowing you to accept, ignore for a period of time or block that user. The access rule can be changed at any timein your account settings. 

When communicating with a contact in another Boomea account as an outside message, you may also define whether you wish to share your chat presence with that contact (online, away, etc.).


The Task module allows you to manage your personal and organizational tasks within the application.  Features include:

  • Task Delegation
  • Task Sharing
  • Task Activity Log
  • Task Notifications
  • Personal Task Management
  • Organizational Task Management
  • And More!

Tasks Mobile

 Of course, the Tasks module wouldn’t be complete without going mobile.  So of course, you can take your tasks on the road with Boomea Tasks Mobile, available on iOS and Android.  Naturally, tasks sync between the mobile and desktop apps.


Our Notes module for Boomea allows you to manage your personal and organizational notes within the same application, too. Features include:

  • Personal Notes Management
  • Organizational Notes Management
  • Notes Sharing & Collaboration
  • Realtime Collaboration
  • Notes Notifications
  • Link Objects to Notes

Notes Mobile

 Just like Tasks, you can take your notes on the go with you, too!  Noes syncronize between your mobile device and your desktop application.  The same robust functions are available on the mobile app as you find on your desktop.

Presence Groups

When collaborating with others in your organization you need to know who’s available and who’s not.  It’s the same with every chat application on the planet!  But with Boomea, we being this capability to your business phone system and include phone status along with chat and other featuers. 

You can monitor other users and parking slots in your account using the Presence feature. You can also create diffreent presence groups to customize your view of who and which parking slots  you need to monitor.

See what our customers say . . .

Service and dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors.  Not only do you get the best pricing, fastest switch and most coverage, but we have a team of dedicated professionals responsive to your needs.

From the first contact of a simple chat message, Rich has been extremely responsive. He is very consistent with communication in letting clients know what is going on with billing, system outages and new features. The price is great, the service is exemplary, and you feel as if you have someone in your corner all the time. I would highly recommend Voifone to anyone operating a similar outfit like us.

James Erickson

IT Manager, Vitality Medical

You have been a fantastic person to work with and I think good business relations are built with trust and excellence in service. One of the most remarkable qualities exhibited by your company is your outstanding customer support. It encourages me to recommend you to my business connections.

Shiv Tivari

CTO, Dreamstel

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